CNC Routing & Laser Cutting

CNC Routing & Laser Cutting

item made using laser cutting

CNC routing & laser cutting for plastics in Melbourne

Using our accurate CNC routers and laser cutters, we are able to provide precise and efficient cutting of even the most complex shapes and patterns. Our expert CNC router can cut a range of plastic materials up to 50mm thick. Our highly precise CNC routing and laser-cutting consistently provide the levels of accuracy that both our engineering and retail clients require.

We provide CNC routing and laser-cutting for the following applications:

We are able to cut:

  • Materials up to 50mm thick (Laser cut 15mm thick) 
  • Grooves
  • Rebates
  • Steps
  • Countersunk and counter-bore holes
  • Profiles and tapers 
When accuracy is a crucial factor in the production or enhancement of your products, you need to take advantage of our highly accurate CNC routing and laser-cutting services.

Call us now on 03 9706 3077 for more details of our CNC routing and Laser-cutting services.

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