Welding Rods & Glues

Welding Rods and Glues


Plastic welding rods in Melbourne

As the area’s leading plastic supply and fabrication specialists, we understand just how crucial the correct welding and gluing of plastics is in creating custom fabricated parts or repairing existing parts. Welding and gluing is often used in applications where traditional bolts or screws cannot be used for either practical or operational reasons.
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A comprehensive range of glues and welding rods

Because different plastic products require special glues to be effectively bonded either to themselves during fabrication or to other materials, we supply a diverse range of glues. We also have a range of plastic welding rods for many thermoplastic materials. From clear and solid colour welding rods to a range of industrial bonding agents, we have them right here in one convenient location.

Our welding rods include:

  • Polypropylene - Beige, natural/white
  • PVC - Clear, grey, and white
  • HDPE - Black, natural/white
  • ABS - Black and white 
  • Polycarbonate - Clear 
Our Plastics Catalog

We provide a range of industry standard glues for acrylic and polycarbonate including:

  • Acrifix 192
  • Weld-on
  • ATA Acribond 105
  • Loctite
  • PVC high pressure glues
When it comes to effective plastic bonding we are the only logical choice for quality plastic welding rods and glues in Melbourne.

Call our helpful and friendly team now on 03 9706 3077 for more information concerning our range of glues and welding rods.

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